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Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's nice having brilliant friends.

Last night's What's My Line? was a tremendous success, a very fun show with a big audience, even the weather cooperated. Ari Levine, our guest panelist for the evening, was a big hit; I was just updating the website with some pictures that his significant other Anita Cookie shot of the show for us--meanwhile, I'm listening to Jen in the next room, practicing a new number she's putting together for Pinchbottom Burlesque this weekend. This month Pinchbottom is tackling Broadway-and for her number Clams will be attacking the blight on American Theatre that is the jukebox musical. So, the song I've been hearing play over and over in the next room is a Broadway-style arrangement of "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips, arranged and recorded by Ari and sung as a duet with Anita. It's so fucking spot-on, I can't even tell you. Meanwhile, on Monday night I made my way to Times Square, and the darkened theatre entrance of the Lion King on Broadway. I met Anita and her frequent collaborator Scott Rayow there to help them film...something for their own Pinchbottom number. It was amazing, possibly illegal, and hilarious, and to tell you any more about it would be ruining all the fun. There are still tickets available to the Saturday Pinchbottom show, that's all I'm sayin'. The point is, not only is Anita a multi-talented, inventive, terrific performer in her own right, but she--and the people she chooses to work with--are incredibly generous with their time and effort, and it's those people that make all the crazy shit we all do possible, in the ridiculously little amounts of time we have to do them. Everybody should be so lucky.


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