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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some mid-holiday season thoughts

I spent the past week at my in-laws in Columbus, Ohio and had time to dwell on some year-end thoughts, but wasn't really up to thumb-typing all of them on the iPhone. So, some catching up...

Somehow, it seemed strangely appropriate that Bettie Page and W. Mark "Deep Throat" Felt passed away within a week of each other this month; that was the passing of two monumentally important figures in 20th Century American culture: social, popular and political. Both played pivotal, supporting roles in much larger stories, stories of transition; the massive shift in how the American people viewed female sexuality, defined morality and moved toward sexual revolution, and the massive shift to essential, well-placed distrust in our political leaders and the system, shifts defining our culture certainly to this day. The Notorious Bettie Page and All The President's Men would make a damn decent DVD double feature, incidentally.

If you don't have plans for New Year's Eve yet, see if there are still tickets available for the final evening of Arias With A Twist, the extraordinary show at HERE Cultural Arts Center in Tribeca starring drag chanteuse superstar Joey Arias with the dazzling, unique puppet creations of Basil Twist. It is truly a unique, dazzling, intimate theatrical experience, immensely entertaining and inspiring for any performer. We finally saw it as it nears the end of its twice-extended run earlier this month; meeting with one of our co-producers the next day, we talked about the show and about the amazing performers we are lucky enough to work with who are just as inspiring--in fact, earlier that week Clams had shared the Slipper Room stage with Basil himself, performing a puppet and dance piece with Julie Atlas Muz. These are artists who, having reached the pinnacle of what they do, continue to push boundaries--something that the biggest stars in any art form should aspire to! We're going to keep reaching for those heights in 2009, and continue to be inspired by the amazing artists we collaborate with.


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