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Monday, March 29, 2010

Early 80s sci-fi TV hotness

From V: the series (the 1984 version, that is), Jane Badler and June Chadwick made up in preparation for a ritualistic, lesbotastic battle to the death.

They've been showing a marathon of the series on the SciFi Channel tonight (I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to type Syfy. Oops, I just did.). I stand by the fact that the original two miniseries hold up extremely well. They're dated to be sure, but the effects are good, they're scary and dramatic and definitely influential. I watched the short-lived series that followed voraciously as a kid but haven't seen any episodes in at least two decades, and had no idea that when it became a weekly series with what looks like a tenth of the budget of the miniseries, it immediately descended into an A-Team-style action show with a cast of four in the classic LA abandoned warehouse sets, interspersed with high camp scenes of intrigue and sexual tension set among the scheming Visitors, literally Dynasty on cheap spaceship sets. It's soooo bad, but kind of awesome. See above.



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