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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making the coldest, shortest month hotter and...longer?

Yes, there's a lot more of the snowpocalypse winter ahead of us. Luckily, there's a lot of awesomeness happening in February to keep us busy and boozy! Neil O'Fortune (hey, that's me.) is having the busiest month of his career, in fact. On Friday the 4th I'm hosting the main show at Drive Thru Burlesque. A new monthly show launched by the performers Sizzle Dizzle and Lefty Lucy, Drive Thru is a throw-back to the all-night, multiple set, cheap admission shows that used to exist when the Slipper Room did it every weekend; I've hosted it before and it's good fun. And bonus: it's at the Parkside Lounge, and hosting there represents my return to the first stage I ever hosted on, way back when we launched the Gameshow Speakeasy (under its original name that can no longer be spoken but rhymes with Shmut's Shmy Shmine) way back in August 2006. Hey, speaking of the Gameshow Speakeasy, we're roaring along at our new home and you should check us out on Thursday the 17th! I'm thrilled that one of our guest panelists will be the Great Fredini, the founder and host of the seminal This Or That!, the original and still the craziest live burlesque game show in New York.

This is the cast of our January installment, including one of our favorite guest panelists, nerdcore rap superstar Schaffer the Darklord and our newest guest panelist, NYC's favorite eroticist and cupcake blogger, the lovely and talented Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Then: on Friday the 18th: Casino O'Fortune Cookie returns to the Red Palace in DC with our latest extravaganza, our new show Pop Culture a-Go-Go!

And, ON my birthday, Sunday the 20th, I'm hosting Kitty Nights, Fem Appeal's weekly show that is, through all of the attrition of the past few years, one of the city's longest current running weekly shows. It's a whole lot of crazy sexy fun in the intimate little space of Bar on A, and suffice it to say, I feel a party comin' on.

And that's not all! Wait for it...

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