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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Also on the schedule: frequent blog updates

Many projects upcoming to begin the New Year that I'm very excited about, including one we just completed the lineup for as of tonight: the return of Smells Like Tease Spirit! Co-produced and hosted by myself and Clams Casino, the first Smells Like Tease Spirit, the first burlesque homage to the 1990's, was a big hit at the Slipper Room last year. And now, Smells Like Tease Spirit, the sequel, is coming to Monday Night Burlesque at Galapagos Art Space on February 25th. We have a truly fantastic lineup (Delirium Tremens, Honi Harlow, Precious Little, Nasty Canasta, Roja Rouge, Tigger! and Figgy) and it's going to a really great night. More details to come, of course. And more cool show announcements coming soon as well!


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