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Sunday, March 23, 2008

What's the password?

Above is a shot of our first show in our new home last Thursday, and our first contestant, Debra, a ukelele player! It was a great show with a fun crowd, and the new venue is going to work out great. Getting used to the new name, but the Gameshow Speakeasy couldn't possibly be in a more appropriate spot then this former bathhouse basement (the picture above gives a glimpse of the barreled, steam-stained tile ceiling, a relic of its former life) converted into a ramshackle tiki bar under a club where upstairs, a sweet 16 party was at Drag Queen karaoke. We continue to field lots of questions about the name change; you can find out more about that if you're so inclined, by checking out the entirety of the current issue of Time Out, where we have a great piece in an article about live game shows around the City. But let's just say it involved one of the world's biggest multimedia companies, our little show, and let us speak no more about it. Onward and upward! For the first installment of our new first-Tuesdays show, upstairs in the gorgeous red-curtained environs of the Fortune Cookie Cabaret, we've got (thanks to Nasty Canasta for the name) a newlywed head to head! And our contestants are three of New York's favorite burlesque performers, Little Brooklyn, Peekaboo Pointe and Precious Little, and their equally fabulous new husbands.

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