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Monday, March 10, 2008

T'n'A Q & A!

I'm very excited to announce another upcoming collaborative project, something completely different from other things we've worked on but that is very timely: T'n'A Q&A: A Panel Discussion on a Decade in New York Burlesque!

Clams and I are co-organizing the panel with Legs Malone; it will be held at the Slipper Room on Wednesday, April 23, at 8:00. We've assembled a rather extraordinary group of people to take part in the panel discussion: Bambi the Mermaid, Bonnie Dunn, Dirty Martini, Jo Boobs, Julie Atlas Muz, Kate Valentine (aka Miss Astrid), Rose Wood, Tigger! and World Famous *BOB*. Dr. Lukki will be our moderator for the evening.

All of us have spent hours in dressing rooms after shows, talking about where this all came from; in the 90's, before anyone even knew to call it "burlesque" there was a small group of performers and producers, from many different backgrounds, creating the performing community where, in 2008 in New York City, you can see a burlesque show every night of the week. We wanted to put together a range of the world-class performers who were there in the earliest shows and venues, all of them still performing now, and get at that history as a group. It will be an entertaining, funny, enlightening evening and I'm psyched. More to come!


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