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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Come on down!

As a co-producer I have many exciting projects coming up in the next two months, and more space here will be devoted to the ins and outs of independent producing, as that was always intended to be part of what this blog is all about! But right now I'm very happy to put something on your calendars for next month that isn't my show, I just get to show up and have fun, and so should you! The second Thursday of every month, the lovely and talented Anita Cookie presents Anita's Underground Game Show, a nudity and booze-spiked version of The Price is Right! Located in the cozy basement environs of the Under St. Mark's Theater (be warned the entrance on St. Mark's is easy to miss, in a speakeasy kind of way), the show includes Anita's homegrown versions of the classic pricing games (even Plinko!), played for alcohol, free tickets to other shows and even her delectable baked goods. And every month, Anita has a special guest, her Drinking Buddy! They help keep the night moving along and display some hidden talent as part of the show (these have ranged in past months from ukelele playing to puppetry to, well, naked hula-hooping.). And in March, the drinking buddy is yours truly! So, for just 10 bucks (email me for the special price code) on March 13th at 10:30, you can see me, my secret talent (I'm not telling) and a really fun show.

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