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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Admittedy, the set is still exactly the same.

Last night while flipping around waiting for our dinner delivery we landed on a primetime special Price is Right, the first chance I've had to experience the new, Drew Carey-hosted version. And let me just say: no. No no no. He's terrible. And this is not the game show purist, it should have ended with Bob part of me talking (well, not completely.). He's just a terrible game show host, period! And, I have a theory that the contestants are no longer randomly picked from the eligible audience, I think they have agents out, like a tent preacher's minions searching for the easily faked healings in the crowd, to find the most insanely excitable people to come on down. In the half hour we witnessed, one gentleman did cart wheels across the stage, another guy almost rolled all the way down the aisle in his headlong flight to the end of his row, and a middle-aged woman clutched her chest and almost passed out from such over-excitement that they had to stop the clock on her guessing game and let her take a second. It's like they passed out meth. Don't believe me? See for yourself on this clip from the Monday show! It's madness.

When we were in LA three years ago we had tickets, and we didn't get our hungover asses out of bed in time to drive to Studio City for the 7:00 AM call time, so we missed out opportunity for classic Bob Barker contestant's row glory. Seize the day, people, you never know when an 83-year-old man may just up and retire, out of the blue.


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