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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Insert own "get a first life" joke here. Or you know what, they've all been said already.

Yesterday I was posting pictures on flickr and discovered that a number of the pictures of me with various burlesque performers had been commented on by a guy I don't know. And in response to that gentleman, yes, I am in fact very lucky, thank you, and no, in fact I do not wish it was you instead of me in those pictures. Anyway, I naturally clicked on his profile and discovered that every single picture in his account, page after page, were shots of the people on the dance floor. Of the nightclub he owns. In Second Life.

I may have a birthday coming up next week, but this has nothing to do with me getting old. Believe me, I grew up understanding how one can give up an entire afternoon-hell, an entire day, or, let's be honest, weekend--to a video game. But this one...I mean, at least in World of Warcraft you get to hack up ogres and cast spells and shit. I totally get the appeal. Second Life is just...I don't know, you know what? This is too curmudgeonly even for me. It's because it's Sunday afternoon and I'm a little hung over. Because I went out and DID SOMETHING WITH ACTUAL REAL HUMAN BEINGS! Ok, that's enough.


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