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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sometimes it's when things go completely wrong that you see the true measure of talent

Technical difficulties are a part of live performance, of course. But it's how a group of performers handle those problems that really shows what kind of talent and professionalism they're bringing to the table. At last night's performance of Pinchbottom Burlesque, the CD containing the entire second set's music, for every number, cracked at the beginning of intermission. This required Jonny Porkpie, co-producer and playing one of the leads (in full Groucho Marx costume) to drive from Tribeca to Park Slope and back with replacement music before the show could resume. This led to a, needless to say, longer intermission then anticipated. And being the multi-talented troupers that they are, the company stepped in to fill the gap, kibbitzing with the crowd, telling jokes, keeping things moving; Albert Cadabra stepped up and did rope and card tricks with several impromptu assistants (and a deck of cards miraculously supplied by an audience member--note to self, always carry a deck of cards.). All in all, it was a triumph, and the audience was actually happily loosened up for the second act! This was the second time Pinchbottom has done this particular show, and as I'm in the cast, this was the fourth time I've seen it. I think I enjoyed it more, and was proudest being a part of it last night, when pretty much the worst possible production snafu happened, than any other night.


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