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Monday, February 18, 2008

Movin' on up! Several blocks.

This holiday weekend marks a big, exciting transition for us as producers: after a year and a half at the Parkside Lounge, next month What's My Line? Live in NYC! moves to new digs at Lucky Cheng's! While Lucky Cheng's is famous as New York's premiere drag club--it's the one the guide books send you to--the venue is adding a new stage in its lush, cozy, kitschy space, to be dubbed the Fortune Cookie Cabaret, which will add a range of new kinds of shows to the repertoire. The new stage will be filled with shows nearly every night of the week; we became part of the big transition sparked by Rififi's iminent closing, as the long-running Thursday night burlesque show there, Starshine Burlesque, led the way up 1st Avenue to Lucky Cheng's. Now, we'll be part of a family of independently-produced shows, including Starshine (which we'll lead into on the third Thursday night of every month), a new variety show led by What's My Line's favorite magician, Albert Cadabra, and more to come. Most of the new shows share a 10:00 start time, but What's My Line is inherently an 8:00 show; we'll stay an early show, and instead of being on the cabaret stage, What's My Line will occupy an intimate, retro tiki lounge with a separate bar below the main dining room--with a second back door leading into Lucky Cheng's sister bar, Waikiki Wally's. Meanwhile, on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00, starting in April, Clams and I will co-produce a new show, bringing together gameshow greatest hits from every era!

The downtown nightlife landscape continues to shift, and the new family of shows at Lucky Cheng's, the result of collaborative efforts by a group of independent producers and bookers, is an exciting move for everybody.

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