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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And this is certainly, certainly the last time they'll do this particular show, since this war theme won't be relevent much longer, right?

I mentioned in a post from this weekend that there's a lot of volatility happening at venues for a bunch of long-running shows in town; one big example is Pinchbottom Burlesque, which has been housed in a theater at 279 Church Street in Tribeca, under the auspices of the non-profit Collective:Unconscious, since its first show over two years ago. Last month a sewer eruption in the basement led to a compound of issues that resulted in Pinchbottom (and Collective and other theater companies in the space) losing the venue with very little notice.

This week's Pinchbottom show, Pinchbottom Declares War! (Or, Full Frontal Jacket) is part of the Underground Zero theater festival, and luckily they've had the opportunity to move around the corner to a great theater called the Flea. This is also the first time that Pinchbottom has presented a show for a three day run, Friday through Sunday. So, here's the message for patrons of not only great burlesque but independently produced live entertainment in new York: buy your tickets now! Not only will you be seeing a great show, with a great lineup of performers and a really hilarious script, but this is the show that proves that burlesque can look with a real satirical eye and real emotional heft at the issues of our times. No, seriously! As the producers of Pinchbottom look to land in a new home, a sellout weekend will help a whole hell of a lot. So we'll see you there!



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