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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busts covered to make busts covered in Bust!

So, Jo Weldon makes an amusing and valid point in her blog this week about the Sunday Times article, comparing it to an article from the Times magazine in 2003 (that I totally remember) about the emerging burlesque scene; I was reminded of something I've written here too along the same lines but regardless, it's a big, colorful full page and a half article in the Times! And a high tide raises all boats.

Anyway, in other fun press news, one miss Clams Casino is also featured in an article in this month's Bust Magazine, about the collaboration between the Burlesque Hall of Fame and Keep A Breast, a breast cancer awareness organization. At last year's Exotic World Weekend, Keep A Breast was making casts, non-stop all weekend, of the busts of the performers, both new and legendary. The casts were painted by top international artists, to be exhibited as part of this year's Exotic World Weekend and then auctioned off! Clams is one of the participants and it was an amazing, emotional and powerful part of last year's event. Definitely check out the Myspace page for Breast Defense: Glamour Girls For Early Detection for more info-and a sneak peak at some of those amazing busts.

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