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Sunday, May 04, 2008

We Are the Champions

Last night's show was an absolute triumph; amazing crowd, amazing cast, amazing performances, amazing theater. Completely exhausted. Taking our bows on the stage of an Off-Broadway theater to rousing applause, surrounded by my genius friends and loved ones, most of them not wearing any clothes, was a dizzying, surreal moment that I can't stop thinking about today, the sheer joy of that moment that makes the tremendous work of being an independent producer so, so worth whatever it takes to make that moment happen.

I recently looked back at some of the early posts on Pound Sign, from around this time two years ago, and I had a very different trajectory in mind for my creative life here in New York City. I've been thinking about the things that I would have written about then that now I simply haven't had the time or, frankly, the strong inclination to; this year's Whitney Biennial, the opening of the New Museum. Experiences like those, make no mistake, remain a vital part of my cultural life, and that kind of contemporary art still informs how I think and what I do. But I'm not sure if my focus will ever be there again...

Wow, that got serious for a moment. Any reader who doesn't know me personally certainly stopped reading around the part about nudity. So, onward! This summer the adventure continues: in July for the first time Clams and I are co-producing a show with Jonny Porkpie and Nasty Canasta, also known as Pinchbottom Burlesque! And we're bringin' it to the fabulous Asbury Lanes! Stay tuned for The Shore Thing: A Burlesque Road Trip! And then in August, the two of us return to Coney Island's Burlesque at the Beach series for: Clams Casino and Neil O'Fortune present: AM Gold!

Ya Mo Be There!

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