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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Master of karate, and friendship, for everyone!

So, 2008 is over. Which is just fine. As has been true for the past several years, I can honestly say that on a purely personal level, 2008 had a lot to recommend it, full of artistic and creative successes, exciting happenings, good friends and loving relationships. But beyond that very personal sphere, except for that one big exception in early November, 2008 for all of us in city, the country and world at large suuuuuuucked. So, fuck it, behind us, 2009 is gonna rock! Yeah! How can it not! Inauguration in two weeks, bitches! Things can only go up! (I know that's not true, but gotta think positive.) We're all gonna make the most of it this year, and here's to all of us having each others' backs.

I've been mulling over the traditional bloggy year's end best of-worst of list, or a wrap-up, or whatever, but frankly, do I have anything more interesting to add to the volume already produced? Probably not. I do want to resolve for Poundsign to be more diverse, interesting and, um, frequently updated then it has gotten to be recently. Here's the thing; 2008 was the year when my irrational love of Myspace was finally eclipsed by the sheer FORCE of Facebook: why, yes, I do want to update my headline ever hour, thanks, and wow, there are so many people I went to high school with that I forgot even existed but now I know what their kids look like! But anyway, between Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, and this here blog, do I need another online outlet for my vaguely amusing musings? I do not. F you, Twitter! So stay tuned to this channel. Hopefully it will be worth your while.

Ok, I do want to mention, by way of 08 wrap-up, some of the things that I'm thankful that the internet made a part of my life in the past year. I'm thankful for octopus eats shark. Get on youtube right now and type that in, prepare to have mind blown. I'm thankful that Hulu.com finally clued my wife and I into the fact that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the funniest show on TV, and has been escaping our notice for 4 years. And I'm thankful for this. I'm here to win!


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