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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keep on truckin, Evel

Burlesque continues to provide me with the type of mid-70s celebrity stage activities that once I could have only dreamed of; this Monday at Public Assembly, I'll be on stage for Sweet and Nasty Burlesque's birthday roast of the Burlesque Mayor of New York, Jonny Porkpie! I couldn't be more excited and I hope to channel just some of the boozy cameraderie on display in such Dean Martin classics as can be found all over youtube. Well, here's one:

See, that's the beauty of the classic roast, they set the bar so low! Really, it's not so much about humor, because the roasts are not "funny" per se (until Rickles gets up there) it's about the best bizarre celebrity juxtapositions this side of Battle of the Network Stars. Ooh, here's another good one!



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