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Friday, August 06, 2010

Good. bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

Incredibly fun show, for a packed-to-the-rafters crowd of crazy Bruce fans, all ended with the best naked wine bath ever, hugely awesome night. And for those of you who couldn't be there, no more teasing, here's the email Bruce Campbell sent me to read at the top of the show:

Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and everything in-between. I pity you for what you are about to see.

I can't imagine why anyone would put so much time and effort into celebrating my so-called career, much less paying to see it - but hey, you're here, we got your money and you're never getting it back!

Sorry I can't be part of this freak show in person. Sadly, I'm not dead yet, so I still have to earn a living. I'll be thinking of you all, sitting in this air-cooled theater, while I sweat my ass off on the Burn Notice set in Miami.

And finally, if ya ain't got socks, you ain't got much, but if you got 'em, ya might as well pull 'em up!



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  • At 4:44 PM, Blogger Zach S. said…

    such an amazing time!! You're all such a great group of performers. I was astounded, best time in a long time.


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