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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Hulk lost another 60 pounds on Atkins. He's starting to look like Frankenstein."

This has been a rough week for my rapidly declining opinion of my day job, and this was a tough morning. While glumly eating lunch at my desk I clicked on a random link in someone's livejournal post and found myself at The Sneeze, a blog/online zine out of LA that proves that there are good things about LA. I found myself trying to contain laughter with the sound of fake coughing, shoulders shaking, hoping that my office mates wouldn't think I'd finally broken down in sobs. Seriously, it literally brightened my day; I'll let you all explore it the way I did, so you can discover for yourself the smarmy Captain Avenger, and Cathy's projectile sweating, the secrets of the Fedex logo, the man who died to become Booberry, Apple Yo's, the Dublin Mudslide and why "cookies are the tits of food." But I'll start you off where everyone should start off.


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