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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Settling in

After 2 years in the windswept environs of Chelsea and the prickly, personality-driven field of contemporary art, this week I've officially been sequestered in the leafy, serene enclave of the Upper West Side...and the prickly, personality-driven field of cultural history. While my desk piles higher and higher with files that must be read immediately, I am settling into my new environment, which admittedly is exactly what I thought museums were like when I was a kid. Dark echoing corridors with high ceilings, heavy wooden doors and hidden staircases, stacks of frames and empty, dusty display cases lining the walls of the office halls, shelves piled high with...stuff. I've been saying to people, it feels like I work at Indiana Jones's day job. Sadly, I have to wear a tie. I was an art major, dammit!


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