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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dildonic wizard horses

This was my last week at my now-former day job...starting the new gig on Monday. Exhausting week of wrapping things up, anticipating deadlines that would be missed, cleaning out two years worth of files and training my replacement. With this transition, and the week's end shift in the weather, the summer's really feeling over...of course it will hit 80 next week and that illusion will be over. But we hit the urban outdoors hard in anticipation of not having much longer to do it-Thursday night, saw Neko Case play at McCarren Pool. Word to the wise, that vast drained swimming pool is a terrific venue, plenty of room to spread out, with the sun setting behind the arched entry way, but don't forget to hit the ATM and buy cigarettes before you go in. Because then you're trapped. Neko was fantastic as always-she spent the evening explaining that all of her song choices were made for her by the unicorn tarot cards she'd received as a gift the night before. Although the sepulchral guitars, pedal steel twang, and her echo-chamber angel voice are better served indoors, with walls to reverberate off of-to be honest sitting 2 feet away from her at the edge of stage in Joe's Pub last year has spoiled me. But it was lovely evening-dinner after in the garden at one of Williamsburg's little restaurants I can't remember the name of. Friday, some work folks took me out for drinks after work, at the Frying Pan right on the Hudson, the floating bar swaying with the choppy water, an honest to God chilly breeze blowing...ran right from there to Coney Island for Burlesque at the Beach, and then a crew headed to the boardwalk bar to drink beer, watching the lightning flash out over the pitch black water...seriously, fall is coming. Get out there.

(Awesome pic of McCarren Pool from tienmao.com.)


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