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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Show debuts tonight if City doesn't spontaneously combust first.

Well, the contestants are selected, we have a surprise mystery challenger scheduled to join us, our adorable hand-made set pieces are finished. We got the panel together for a run-through of the game last week over beers at the Parkside, with our lovely assistant Precious Little playing the part of all the contestants; it went so well that I can only hope the audience has as much fun with it as we all did! We were recommended in Time Out last week (and Lindsay gave us a shout-out!). And now, it's here, our debut night...during the hottest day in New York City history. I left our apartment this morning and literally--literally!--melted into a puddle right there on the sidewalk. Just boom, puddle. It's a wonder I made it to work. (Yeah, leaving early today.) But what can I tell ya, people: the venue has air-conditioning. Enough said. I'd go to a Republican Party mixer tonight if it had decent AC.

So, we'll see! We're throwing a party and I hope people come and have a good time. In the AC, did I mention that the bar has AC?


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