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Friday, July 07, 2006

What's My Line? Live in NYC!

I am so, so thrilled to say that my first foray into co-producing with Jen is finally launching! What's My Line? Live in NYC! will make its live-on-stage debut at the Parkside Lounge on August 2nd at 8:00. I could not be more excited.

This of course is a new reimagining, with a contemporary downtown twist, the classic tv gameshow "What's My Line?", which Jen and I became obsessed with after watching it late night on the Gameshow Network (this is what TIVO was invented for!)

After years of thinking about this, we've finally felt ready to set a deadline and make it happen. We began to tap into our network of talented friends for panelists-Garth Wingfield, a fabulously witty playwright and television writer who is a good friend of Jen's, and Jonny Porkpie, one of the greatest burlesque emcees and producers in the city, and an all-around great guy. Of course Clams Casino will take her place on the panel, and things all really came together when we cold-emailed Lindsay Robertson, the writer of the terrific blog lindsayism.com; we're fans of hers, and she enthusiastically agreed right away!

With the panel in place, it was really happening! We booked a terrific venue where Clams had performed before. And things continue to come together quickly...I will keep updating the progress as it happens. Check out the website!



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