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Monday, March 20, 2006

Cleaning out the inbox: annals of "great" ideas past.

Jen was cleaning out her old emails and found something I had forwarded to her, over two years ago. Reading Nonsense NYC listings every Friday about the various efforts to reimagine childhood activities, mostly coming out of Williamsburg lofts, I was inspired with the thought to start a semi-serious Tag League. I suggested this to my friend Ben Fisher in Durham, who responded thusly:

"If you make an adult tag league, you have to make it all annoying and preachy, ala Adbusters. Keep using the phrase "we're reclaiming the playground of our souls" and shit like that. But try to make it falsely provocative at the same time. You know, or not. I can't get with tag, too much effort. Freeze tag maybe, or tv tag. or flashlight tag, the greatest game ever. or Ghosts in the graveyard. I could get into this. Too bad y'alls a bunch a suckas living in played out NYC."

True, true. Needless to say this idea went on the pile of "oh yeah, remember when we were going to do that?" And frankly, it's kind of a terrible, desperately hipster idea. Also, I hate running.


  • At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Sharon said…

    Dude, I'd totally sign up for that!

    --Precious Little


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