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Saturday, July 15, 2006

There's something in the air...or maybe this is overthinking the whole thing.

So the day after I posted my previous embarrassing note about the formative impact of Erin Gray, I read this Wired piece about the also mentioned, equally important Princess Leia slave outfit (ok, in the spirit of full disclosure I read about the Wired piece on Fleshbot, Gawker's grown-up sister site, but you might be reading this at work and I don't want to get you in trouble. If you're not, here's what Fleshbot said about it.). And the Wired piece leads straight to leiasmetalbikini.com, which, I think, is THE definite work of sweaty-palmed American male sci-fi-sexual fandomania. But, but, he's really tapped into something here...I can't look away. Look up there, he's living the dream! And after all, these galleries are filled with the women who also love the moment Leia became a woman-and they get more attention at the conventions then Tom Baker and Walter Koenig, put together! NYC burlesquer Gigi LaFemme does a great disco Star Wars number on this theme-needless to say its always a crowd pleaser.


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