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Friday, August 04, 2006

We pulled it off.

I have to admit, when it turned out to be the hottest day in recorded human history, and none of our contestants had arrived yet at 7:50 for the 8:00 show, I was a little stressed. But then everybody showed up, even an audience! We actually had a great crowd, comfortably filling the Parkside's back room, which has a very sweet waitress and a nice, loungey vibe that really set the tone. And you know what? We had a show. It was rough in some patches-that's why you do a first show! But we picked such great people to do this with us; the chemistry of the panel shown through the first-time rawness and the logistical things that need to be hammered out, and whenever I forgot to do something our lovely assistant Precious Little picked up the slack-she was seriously the hardest working person in the room. Our contestants were a hit, especially Jesse "Dresses as Elmo for Children's Parties" Perez (best question, Garth: "Is there anything titillating about what you do?") and Jonathan Ames was nice enough to show up and be our inaugural celebrity mystery guest. There was other craziness too, but we had a lot of fun. The audience had a lot of fun. And we're gonna do it again next month!


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