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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back in two and two.

It's an absolutely gorgeous day out, and here I am, inside, hung over. Drinking coffee at 1 in the afternoon. Seriously, we're a 15 minute walk from Central Park, I could be hung over in the park at least. But Love Connection is on!

This show makes me happy and sad at the same time. The breath-taking late '80's-early '90's fashions and hair-the mullets and cowboy boots, the flowered dresses and shoulder pads, the pumps and leather miniskirts, the giant glasses, the huge hair with bangs laquered into fans, more shoulder pads...I love it all, and then I remember that this is what the world looked like, when I was HIGH SCHOOL! Jesus I'm old.

Also, I love that every date on that show was defined by how long a drive they had to get to each other, because it's fucking LA, and it's always "Well, Chuck, he lives in San Bernablah-bitty-blahblah, and I live in Way-the-hell-up-there Beach, so it was a 17 hour drive." And, I know that we live in the age of Maxim and Girls Gone Wild, but the attitudes of the mustached dudes on this show towards women...seriously, we've made some progress.

But the best thing about it, honestly; it's like peering into a time capsule from another age. From a time when the tv audience could be entertained by the mere description of a date. No cameras on the date! Why was this entertaining? Because it was, that's why. We didn't need to see them in the hot tub making out! We had...imaginations. Dag nab it. Jesus I'm old.


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