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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just another typical Tuesday night...

...eating dinner at 1:00 in the morning, reeking of karo syrup and covered in glitter.

Jo Boobs asked Clams to be part of the opening acts at a private event to celebrate the closing of Joe Coleman's painting exhibition at the Jack Tilton Gallery. The event was at Union Pool in Williamsburg, packed into their backyard saloon-style stage venue; the burlesque performers were opening for an exclusive gig by Hank Williams III! At the very last minute, Jo asked me to stage manage for the burlesque portion of the evening, so I spent the show wiping up Velocity Chyalld's stage blood and picking up the pieces of Bambi the Mermaid's lobster costume, and watching all the acts from behind, which was just fine. Spent the rest of the night watching Hank's psychobilly mayhem in the smallest venue he's probably played in 10 years, hanging out with awesome people, drinking too much...really, I highly recommend this as the perfect antidote to a crappy Tuesday at the day job.

So now, back to the desk. The third What's My Line? is two weeks from today! We set the bar high with our second show, it was a big hit with the audience, and we had great sponsors and a fantastic mystery guest: Martha Plimpton! So, working hard to make our third show live up to the hype...while I should be, you know, working on the stuff I get paid to do. The realities of producing on your own time: you do a lot of it on your boss's time. I'm going to be copying flyers on the office copier at lunch.


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