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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Armory at all?

Without the excuse of working a booth this year, it's looking more and more like I'm not going to make it to the Armory Show at all this year, which makes me feel a combination of relieved and out of the loop.

But I was lucky enough to have passes for the opening night of Fountain New York, one of the new alternative to the alternative shows, installed in a rough store front space across Twelth Avenue from the looming Armory piers. An intimate group of ten Williamsburg-based galleries and collectives, Fountain is a typical mixed bag, but with some terrific highlights. The galleries overwhelmingly showcase painting, printmaking, collage; with so much of the work by young artists, the focus on traditional media is refreshing and manages to avoid repetition of style-for the most part. Highlights are the classically derived works of the McCaig-Welles gallery, the post-modern photo and painting works from Front Room, and the new media offerings (offering some balance with the rest of the booths) from the collective Glowlab--who, in full confession, were my ticket in; I'm lucky enough to be consulting on development for Glowlab's annual psychogeography festlval Conflux. Don't skip Fountain on your way to big guys up the block.


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