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Thursday, March 15, 2007

I consider this a pinnacle moment in my life.

So, today is my last day at my current job, and I SO do not have time to be writing this. But last night's What's My Line? was a complete success, and a real reminder of how, while personal projects like this one can tremendously add to your work/stress level at already-stressful times, the payoff is huge when the show comes off and everybody in the audience and onstage has a great time-it was like releasing the valve on the stress tank. That's a lot of stress imagery.

Anyway, pictured above is the whole crew after the show with our mystery guest Randy Jones, singer, actor, and of course, the original Cowboy with the Village People. This group also includes the inimitable Bastard Keith, burlesque emcee-singer-performer-writer-man about town, who filled in as a panelist with three hours notice when Lindsay was sick and couldn't make it. It was his first time and he handled it like a pro-it helps to have ridiculously talented friends! He and Randy bonded onstage over Keith's high school passion for one of the Village People's lesser known albums (the one with Food Fight and Action Man on it.). Randy also mentioned to Clams after the show that he got a call during the show from Janice Dickinson; according to him, she can sense when he's onstage. You can't make that up, people. And I couldn't be prouder to co-produce a show that was recommended by Next Magazine, and covered by a reporter from the Staten Island Advance, in the same month.


  • At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Sharon said…

    After yesterday, we are all at least 14.5% more awesome.


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