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Friday, March 09, 2007

Misty rumcolored memories...

So on Monday night, I'll be attending the annual gala fundraiser for the the non-profit theater where Jen does the marketing, and it promises the kind of odd mix of celebrities and artists in attendance that can make for an interesting evening. This will require the wearing of formal wear on a Monday night, and this begs the question; what's the most inappropriate place for a guy in a tux and gal in a formal gown to go after the event? At least, it begs that question to us; that's why we're a good couple. So, we're examining our list of go-to dive bars and events but I'm open to suggestions.

This has stirred in me memories of one our favorite places; it's been in my head a lot since our trip to Kowloon in Boston. The late, lamented Kahiki restaurant in Columbus, OH. It was a truly epic tiki restaurant dating virtually unchanged from the 1950's; Where else could you dine under a two-story tall, eyes-glowing Easter Island head, sipping from the giant, smoke-spewing Mystery Drink, which had been brought to your table with appropriate fanfare by the Mystery Girl? It was pretty much the best restaurant on Earth. Frankly there's no better place to be ridiculously overdressed. And in 2000, they knocked it down and replaced it with a fucking Walgreens.

We might have to go to Otto's Shrunken Head in its memory.


  • At 5:34 PM, Anonymous rae said…

    Oh G-d I miss that place. :(

    Ahhh.. rum. :)


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