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Thursday, March 08, 2007

This is what happens in March when you have an Irish-themed signature number.

The schedule sometimes wreaks havoc with keeping up on posting in a timely manner here; I'm getting in here now while I have the chance! Blogging while at work is much easier the week after you've given notice, and the week before you start a new job, which I am. And I have more time now then I will next week when the frantic panic sets in here about all of the things that will have to move on without me. That exhausting business will be offset by the kind of marathon I get excited about however: starting tomorrow night, my significant other will begin a run of 8 performances in 9 days. That includes our next installment of What's My Line? right in the middle! Just thinking about it I'm already hung over. Check out her website if you want to check out the schedule-you could follow her, like you're back in college touring with Phish!


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