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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just keep telling yourself: it's only a burlesque show...it's only a burlesque show...it's only a burlesque show....

This week writing a press release for Bump 'n' Grindhouse, (which takes the stage at Coney Island in less then a month!)and it was a lot of fun riffing on the language from old schlock 'n' shock drive-in movies (incidentally, Last House on the Left, where that famous "it's only a movie" tag line comes from, is not fun at all, in fact it's pretty grueling and the early '70's camp doesn't overcome the verite grotesque-also, fun fact, it's based on Bergman's Virgin Spring!) It's going to be a really fun night and we've got a really great lineup of performers, as well as a possible appearance by a special celebrity guest that I'm very, very excited about and really, really wish I could share with you all...but you might just have to come out to the seashore and see for yourself.

Meanwhile, deep into the planning for Exotic World Weekend, which is going to be an enormous event this year, the weekend of June 8-10; much more to come about that!


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