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Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring swings into action, despite the fact that I see fucking snow outside my window.

A very exciting week is coming up for me personally, that I want to share with all of you, my loyal cadre of readers, because it all involves events that we can share with each other...assuming you live in/plan to visit New York City in two weeks...and want to pay to get in. Start planning ahead now!

On Monday April 16, my significant other the delectible Miss Clams Casino, is presenting her first burlesque production. Delicious Burlesque! is produced by the team of Clams and her partner-in-pasties Cherry Bomb; they've gotten together a killer lineup of performers, all connected by the fact that....wait for it...their names have food in them! I love that, seriously. And it really is killer; along with Clams and Cherry you've got the fantastic duo of Anita Cookie and Dirty Martini (and possibly some other players to be named later), and your host, Figgy-who's this town's newest drag queen sensation and who'll be making like a demented Martha Stewart at this show. It's onstage at Galapagos Art Space, as part of their weekly burlesque series; come show Clams some love for five bucks.

Then on Wednesday the 18th, it's What's My Line! You should come, I hear it's a fun show.

And, on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st, Pinchbottom Burlesque presents the Pinch Brothers in: the Bawdy House! I've written about Pinchbottom before of course (along with everybody else, including New York magazine, which picked them as the Best Burlesque in their 2007 Best of New York issue); this show is their tribute to the Marx Brothers, and promises to be outstanding as always. Because I'm always in the audience, Jonny and Nasty have frequently called on me when they need someone to say a line or two, and I freely admit I get a kick out of it-sooner or later they recruit everybody and everybody says yes. And this month, they're giving me more to do, as the burly foil (your beat cop/hotel manager type) of our heroes. I have no idea exactly what this will entail but it will be fun and slightly embarrassing, as always. As always, it will sell out-but check out their website, tickets should still be available!

And on Saturday the 21st we'll be running from Pinchbottom in Tribeca over to Bowery Poetry Club, where Clams will be making her debut appearance at BadAss! Burlesque, for a very special occasion, the birthday of the one and only World Famous *BOB*! The show's around midnight or so, and will be crazy.

So...see you there, maybe.

See, I told you, that's a fun week.


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