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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tonight: What's My Line?

I'm still recovering from the triumph that was Delicious Burlesque! at Galapagos on Monday night; the debut production by Clams Casino and Cherry Bomb; they put together a fantastic lineup that blew the roof off the packed house. And last night was the annual benefit gala for my day job, which was also fun and exhausting...and very different. Two very different nights in a row.

But tonight, it's What's My Line? Live in NYC! We have a really fantastic show lined up for tonight, and I'm very excited to get onstage and do it. But I must express, the reason we've got a great lineup of contestants scheduled is because of the hardest-working lovely assistant in New York, Miss Precious Little. When two of my scheduled contestants bailed out on the show this week (Hey, things come up! A little more notice would be nice.), Precious hooked me up with two people within 24 hours who not only want to come do the show on short notice, but who, I'm not embarrassed to admit, are in fact more interesting contestants then the ones I had booked! This is just one more great example of how to make an independent production successful: ask passionate, conscientious, creative, quick-thinking people to get involved. When you need help the most, they kick in the most.

Along with making our show possible every month (even when she's not booking the contestants for me), Precious is an immensely talented burlesque performer that I must plug here-this Friday and Saturday she's in Pinchbottom Burlesque's "Pinch Brothers" show, performing a really great magic act with Albert Cadabra, and I'm also very excited that she'll be performing in our Bump 'n' Grindhouse show at Coney Island in May. Come check her out!


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