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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Captain and Tuna-nille

Or Captain and Neptunille, we never completely settled on it. The Mermaid Parade was a lot of fun; the weather was perfect, amazing costumes, we were surrounded by friends. It was insanely crowded, and the ratio of photographers to just spectators was about 1:1. The whole route was basically one long photoshoot; when we got home that evening Jen got on Flickr just to check it out and nearly 6,000 pictures had already been uploaded, with the parade only a few hours over. It's ridiculous.

But, after years of wanting to do it and always having a conflict or reason come up, being in the 25th Anniversary Mermaid Parade was totally worth the effort. Our group made the wise decision of bailing out of the parade when it jammed up in front of the judging booth-we were not there to compete! The two of us ended up hanging out in front of the Sideshow bar, drinking beer, eating fried seafood, meetin' and greetin' the friends and associates who made their way there. Pretty awesome, actually. Next year, who knows what the whole thing will be? Anyway, more pix here if interested. Or just do a Flickr search and see how many thousands more are posted now!


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