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Monday, May 28, 2007

Ok, so where can we sit outside and still get breakfast...

Last night Clams performed in the First Anniversary show of Sweet and Nasty Burlesque at Rififi, and after the post-show backroom hangout broke up, the two of us headed downtown, inspired by the lovely spring night. We ended up on St. Mark's Place, at the Grassroots, the old-school dive bar that was our go-to bar for two years, five years ago when my NYU classes were around the corner from it. It was an incredibly nostalgic way to close out the night, and it made us very happy to order cheap beer from the same bartender (sadly, he used to know us so well we'd be drinking for free by the second round) and sit looking out at a St. Mark's that is so dramatically different then the one we hung out on all the time just 5 years ago--Chipotle? a goddamn Supercuts? But as long as the Grassroots is still hangin' in, there's hope.


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