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Sunday, May 06, 2007

You see, out of context, "Is it bigger then a breadbox" sounds kind of dirty...

Yesterday, spent the sunny afternoon walking the streets of the Lower East Side taping up our new sniper posters for What's My Line; they take advantage of the double entendre nature of some of the show's standard questions, with the rip-off tabs at the bottom, "man with a van/will paint your house" style. They look great on lampposts and construction walls, you can read them from two blocks away and I think it will get a response-I blanketed the neighborhood and we'll move outward from the epicenter. But it occurred to me while taping one up on Orchard Street, that I have no idea if this is an illegal activity; I got my answer when I looked up and there was a cop standing next to me. He gave me a look and kept walking. So, that's good.


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