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Monday, June 18, 2007

The twilight of Williamsburg

Finally recovered from Exotic World Weekend by sleeping for approximately 24 hours and not answering my cellphone or checking email all day on Saturday, and while I still plan to write a proper overview of the epic weekend I haven't quite gotten that far, nor will I again tonight, because I'll be headed to Galapagos for the hot retro action of SO 8Tease! presented by Amber Ray. All '80's themed burlesque! Not only is that a hard-to-resist hook, but the lineup is fabulous too, featuring Frenchie Press, Scooter Pie (recently returned to the scene after a long absence!), Delirium Tremens, Tigger, Creamy Stevens, Clams Casino, Nasty Canasta, Honi Harlow and of course Amber herself. But to be honest the best reason not to miss tonight's show: it will very likely be the last time I set foot in Galapagos before its iminent, tragic closure and eventual move to DUMBO.

This really represents a sad state of affairs for Williamsburg; Galapagos, while not entirely free of annoying issues for performers and producers, has been a vital anchor to the Burg's arts and cultural scene since artists first started moving into the neighborhood. It's depressing that its making the financially necessary move to DUMBO, a neighborhood that, while grittily appealing in appearance, never developed into anything like the arts district it was leaning towards 6-7 years ago, and has instead pretty much devolved into a condo hellzone. And it's funny, on Saturday Jen and I had a real "fall back in love with New York after returning from our affair with Vegas" time in Williamsburg; a rainy walk through the Renegade Craft Fair at McCarren Pool, and sunset rum drinks and fried seafood at Surf Bar...but after tonight a big reason we ever come to the neighborhood will be gone.


  • At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's totally not even close to your last time in Galapagos. Your wife is producing a show there in October you might remember.


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