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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Some thoughts between Janovic-Williams and Federer-Roddick.

For various reasons I'm breaking a five-year streak of making it to at least one day of the U.S. Open this year (although Jen is going tomorrow), and it's a drag, especially since the weather has been perfect and the matches awesome. So, sitting on the couch watching tonight, a few reflections on my day:

1. This is my first Fashion Week working at an office in the Garment District, and it is teeming--teeming!--with models. They're everywhere, impossibly tall, willowy and long-legged, this year all wearing the exact same slouchy boots, ass-hugging denim shorts, having the same comically melodramatic conversations on their cell phones while smoking.

2. I saw a Guardian Angel walking down 7th in the middle of the afternoon. Haven't seen one in about 5 years, and frankly always surprised to discover they're still around. Seriously? Let's hear it for vigilante justice! What are you guarding this afternoon, on 7th Avenue? Seeing a chubby middle-aged dude in the red beret and jacket, all I could think was, "lives in his parents' basement."

3. Because I've got nothing else to do this week, I committed this afternoon to submitting an exhibition proposal to a small non-profit space by this weekend. Also, helping Jen put together a costume for a new number at Coney Island this Friday. But tennis is on!


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