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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanks Santa, now I can collect blood samples from that robbery homicide!

On What's My Line? last week, two of our contestants, coincidentally, both worked for the NYC Medical Examiners Office! One was a forensic scientist who worked in the Criminal DNA Lab, and the other was an Autopsy Photographer. Both were charming and challenging contestants and both professed an utter hatred for the TV show CSI--topped only by their loathing of Crossing Jordan.

Having these ladies on the show reminded me of something I'd seen in the Toys 'R' Us (if only I could type that backwards "R") holiday catalog that came in the Sunday Times, oh, the week before Halloween. Included in its pages: CSI toys! Seriously? Is it really appropriate to sell a ten year old the CSI DNA Lab playset? Or the Forensic Entomology Kit, Fingerprinting Kit, Facial Reconstruction set or, sweet Jesus, the Field Kit. That one includes its own crime scene tape so you can run out to the backyard and cordon off your own pretend-kidnapping-mutilation scene, and a blacklight and goggles so your kids can have hours of fun checking for post-mortem semen residue. Take your little sister with you, Bobby, she can take insect samples to test for time of death based on decomposition!


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