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Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday wrap-up...

Once again a very busy week comes to a close and I haven't had the time to write anything...Joey Bishop died yesterday! Not only the last of the Rat Pack, obviously, but also a game show favorite throughout the 60's. Joey was a frequent guest panelist on What's My Line! The classic game show attrition continues in '07. And, they hardly need my help to promote their show, but tonight's Pinchbottom Burlesque is going to be a lot of fun; it's called "Balls!" and it's all about sports. Not only including a fabulous new number by Clams, but an appearance by yours truly and a lot of hilarity, nudity and hilarious nudity. They usually have a few random tickets at the door and on a rainy night it's a great time to take your chances on seeing the show! Being at a sports-themed show tonight will make me feel better about missing the entire week's series between my old home-town heroes the Indians and the Red Sox. Go Tribe!


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