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Friday, September 21, 2007

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. (Oof, that's a shitty pun. Sorry.)

Last night, met Jen at the South Street Seaport; walked through the crowd of tourists and after-work financial center guys, rounded the corner to a walled off area of the pier where the mall is hidden away and you can sip drinks in the perfect Indian summer weather, with the best sunset view of the Brooklyn Bridge in the whole City. We were lucky enough to have comp tickets to Absinthe, at the Spiegeltent, the traveling adult circus that was settled at the Seaport for the summer. And the show was simply amazing; above a small stage in the center of the round space, there was a series of the sexiest, most astonishing male and female aerialists you're ever likely to see, swinging right over the heads of the audience in the densely packed, intimate environs of the tent. Close enough to see the muscles tensing and the sweat beading, to feel real danger. The comic juggler was gifted and truly funny without edging into twee Cirque de Soliel French clown-land (in fact, one comic bit by the emcees specifically took the piss out of the Cirque brand of pretentiousness erotica), the singing was fabulous and the emcees were genuinely funny. I dare say this is the only place one can ever see a British rollerdisco stunt duo featuring an Elvis impersonator. And of course, the one and only Julie Atlas Muz. Really kind of an amazing evening.


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