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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jesus H. Christ, I am old.

So, we watched the first episode of "Gossip Girl" tonight. On the CW. What of it? I had a long fucking day! It was Jen's idea, I was just on the couch, drinking a beer. Seriously. Anyway, it's a teenage soap opera about snotty rich kids on the Upper East Side, so it was fun location spotting, and whatever, I'm not in the demographic. I'm totally FINE with that! But then...two of the kids (the Brandon and Brenda characters, for those of you MY age.) have a rough-hewn, Brooklyn-based, super-earnest Dad. He runs a gallery by day, and by night he's in "one of the great forgotten bands of the 90's." The 90's!! This character is probably like 5 years older than me. Not only am I not the demographic for this show, I'm the parents of the demographic for this show. Fuck.


  • At 9:46 PM, Blogger rae said…

    Yeah, I'll catch up on Brett's blog. What a great idea. WTF??? You really have to post this shit? I'm gonna go have a drink. Yeesh.



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