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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween party, problem solved

Noah: how's things
got your costume all ready
me: Shit you know what? I haven't thought about my costume at all.
I've had my free time buried in other stuff and haven't even thought about it.
I'll end up half-assing something...
Noah: just draw something on a t-shirt with a sharpie
me: heh heh
Noah: or just go as Sarah Palin
me: Oh man, there are gonna be soooo many Palins! She's the "Roy mauled by white tiger" of 2008.
me: I should kick it really political obscure and go as Ted Stevens.
Noah: bwahahah
whos that
me: Exactly!
Noah: going to be lots of sarah palins and jokers this year
me: Oooo!
Maybe I should be Sarah Palin AS the Joker!
Noah: nice



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