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Friday, October 17, 2008

Speaking of which...

The first week in November has a lot to recommend it: so of course, Borderline Burlesque is on November 1st at the Zipper Factory, then back to the Slipper Room for the next Gameshow Speakeasy on November 6th, and then on Saturday the 8th, we return, with our partners in crime, Pinchbottom Burlesque, to fabulous Asbury Lanes to present: the 25th Annual Miss Asbury Lanes 1983 Pageant. It is worth reserving a Zipcar right now for that show, seriously. Big week. There's something else going on that week too, but I don't remember...something important, I think.

You can get two early doses of Clams at the Zipper Factory, incidentally, starting tomorrow night when she's part of a great show, hosted by the World Famous BOB, as part of the Hysterical Festival. The Festival is all dedicated to funny female performers, and I think it's terrific and meaningful that burlesque is part of the mix, as it is a unique and important venue for female-driven humor. Then, on October 24th, she'll join an amazing lineup for Shelly Watson's Inter Arts Variety Show, a mix of artists ranging from singers to...an Iron Maiden tribute string quartet.


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