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Monday, August 16, 2010

Come out to play-eee-ay!!

There's so much more to being a successful independent producer than booking venues and casts, more than even having great concepts and themes, than writing a great press release and building a press list, even more than creating a great, fun, sexy, hilarious show. You have to build an audience, you can't take it for granted. And one of the reasons that Casino O'Fortune Cookie Productions keeps packing houses in NYC and beyond is because we're good at creatively expanding the parameters of how to reach an audience, how to build our brand and how to have fun doing it. Case in point, two fun nights out that you should join your hosts Anita Cookie and Clams Casino for this month! The Sunshine midnight movie gig is a recurring monthly thing now that keeps getting better and better (and of course, don't miss one of the all-time great NYC cult classics), and working with Satellite Lounge is a fun new venture (they have SIX pinball machines! It's like heaven). Oh, and there will be competitions at both to win pairs of free tickets to our next show at Joe's Pub, Man in Black Burlesque, of course!

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