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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tonight! Prepare to gain some experience points.

Tonight, Neil O'Fortune will be your Dungeon Master of Ceremonies for the premiere edition of D20 Burlesque, a night dedicated completely to role-playing games. Yup. That is some geeky shit. But it's going to be fun, and hey, look, I've gamed. I have been a dedicated gamer. I have spent hours rolling the die and calculating "To Hit Armor Class Zero." In middle school I had a subscription to Dragon magazine. Say it loud, I'm nerd and I'm proud!

This venture is the brainchild of Anja Keister, who is a relative newcomer to the scene and is sure to make a big splash with her first production because, well, there's an enormous audience for it! (And in all serious I'm honored she asked me to host her first show.) And listen: these performers are not posers. These are genuine sexy geeks, they are keepin' it real and are, frankly, the kind of girls that the 13-year old me with a Half-Elven Ranger named Lars could only dream about.

The show's at the Parkside Lounge tonight at 11:30 so you still have time to get down there! Don't miss out, you know you're one of us.

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