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Friday, April 15, 2011

Why, yes I am done with work and killing some time until my Friday plans, why do you ask?

I actually love when I find something that isn't the newest meme everybody's posting thissecond on their Facebook wall and sharing it. Case in point, I came across this just now on Best Week Ever, it dates from several months back and it made me laugh out loud.

See also: the image above, courtesy of the blog Pop Suede. This is actually courtesy of my friend (and reliably hysterical FB poster) Creamy Stevens, and every time I see it I laugh. It's also an example of how things CAN get lost on the internet: Pop Suede appears to be having trouble with its URL and the internal links don't work, making it impossible to reach this and most of their content on the original site. You'll just have to bask in this single image in all its non sequiter glory right here.



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