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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A night that’s hotter than the OSU-Michigan football rivalry, flashier then a Lake Erie trout and...whiter than a frontyard picket fence.

Or, wait, sexier than a Lutheran making love to an Episcopalian? No, seriously, it’s going to be super hot!

In our great tradition of being incredibly timely with our shows and other happenings, our presentation of Lake Clothes-Be-Gone, that heart-warming bump ‘n’ grind tribute to America’s Heartland from a cast of transplanted Midwesterners, hits the stage of the Slipper Room this Thursday, just two days before A Prairie Home Companion is live at Town Hall! Can't think of a more appropriate mood-setter pre-Garrison Keillor then cornfed stars of the burlesque stage who can never forget their roots in Flyover Country, but couldn’t wait to get to New York and start taking their clothes off!

Also, I hear Iowa's been in the news lately....and isn't Minnesota's Senatorial race still going on? Anyway, you or the Midwesterner you love cannot miss this show.

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